A Modern Approach to Grief & Trauma Healing on the Family Building Journey

After watching this webinar, you'll understand:

**Why all the tools you've been trying to release anxiety, trauma and grief don't result in relief that sticks and why you only get short term relief.

**The downside and limitations of cognitive tools such as CBT, affirmations and mental reframing when you’re healing from grief and trauma on the family-building journey (and why I don’t teach them anymore)

**The damage we do by discounting ongoing trauma on the parenting journey and what ever parent who had a child with medical complications needs to know

**Physical changes in your body that happened after loss and trauma that are making it impossible for you to experience lasting peace

**Why achieving body safety must come first, before grief, trauma, anxiety and stress release and how to do it without retriggering or retraumatizing yourself

How physical and emotional health improve after grief and trauma release (it has nothing to do with what happens in your head!)

What the medical and mental health field is still getting wrong about fertility, pregnancy and birth trauma and grief because they’re sticking to an outdated model that’s been disproven for years

How to get back to feeling like YOU again after life-altering experiences on the family-building journey (yes it’s possible!)


You have experienced fertility, pregnancy and/or birth trauma at any point in their life (5 weeks ago or 5+ years ago, it doesn’t matter) and feel like you are still being affected by it. Whether it’s around birthdays and anniversaries or it’s every day or something in between. If something is still there that feels like a trigger and keeping you from feeling at peace, you will love this webinar!


Anyone who is trying to conceive in the next couple of months. The information I'm sharing on this webinar is not related to fertility or pregnancy and the Healing Hearts program is tailored for women who are not trying to conceive or are pregnant right now. (If you are interested in support while you’re TTC to prepare your body for pregnancy quickly, the Path to Baby program is right for you. Please email us at info@parijatdeshpande.com for more information.) READY TO REGISTER?

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